"Socialist" Sticker

$1.50 CAD
  • "Socialist" Sticker
  • "Socialist" Sticker

No, not like communism Chad. I mean people supporting people. Equity and not equality. Not having to be scared walking alone at night as a person with a coochie and maybe a universal minimum wage made up of billionaire’s taxes so people with disabilities and mental illness can survive instead of building a dick shaped rocket and buying Twitter for some reason. Oh! How about making therapy covered by health care as well so we can all weed out the deep seeded misogyny and racism as well as ALL the trauma. It’s not gonna turn you gay Karen. Calm down. A portion of profits will go to local social programs!

Vinyl sticker. See images for size.

The Stuff You Don’t Read

We try to use as much environmentally friendly packaging as possible - Reusing old packaging first, then choosing biodegradable options when available including PLA sleeves to protect our art in transit and cardboard mailers instead of bubble mailers (even though they aren’t as cute.)

Colours may be slightly different in person than what is seen on screen due to it being… you know… not digital.

Hair happens! With four bunnies and a cat making our house a home hair is an inevitability! We try our hardest to keep it out of bags and paintings but some sneak through. You have been warned.

Please do not eat or light on fire or do anything else objectively dumb with my art. The art that I create and sell is meant for art purposes only. Stick stickers on things that don’t get hot, put art prints in a frame or hang them up on your fridge with a magnet like I’m your unloved child, clip charms onto your bag or display them on a pinboard. Please I beg of you do not use my art intimately or put any of it into your mouth.

A portion of all profit goes towards Rabbitats Rescue to help save and care for abandoned and feral domesticated rabbits. Bunnies are our passion and we hope to save as many as possible with our art.

If you read this far for some reason thank you for supporting my dreams and helping me rescue and support as many bunnies as possible.